I´m teaching drums with SKYPE (Messenger or Whatsapp) LIVE on-line,

The lessons with SKYPE are one on one, again, LIVE, NOT PRERECORDED.

I cover all levels, from beginners to advanced drummers. 

When taking them you inmediately will realize that is not a kind of "commercial" teaching style,

it´s experienced/sincere advice from a profi drummer.

I speak 5 languages:


FOR SKYPE LESSONS the PRICE is 1 hour = 30 Dollar with Paypal (Fractionable, ex. 1/2 hour = 15 Dollar)


1) Medium Tempo Solos (8´s): 

2) Rudiments:

3) Videos of STUDENTS (9 of them, and Alex Sanguinetti 10:37): 

Some places I taught regulary or gave seminars:

* Drummers Collective, New York, USA //
* Richard Strauss Konservatorium Munich, Germany // 

* Leeds College of Music, Leeds, UK //
* Long Island Drum Center, New York, USA // 
* Camerloher Musikschule, Murnau, Germany //

* Modern Music School, Munich, Germany // 

I studied privately with:

Tony Williams
Billy Hart
Jeff Watts
Jeff Hirschfeld
Mark Mondesir
Kenny Clare
Terry Clarke
John Riley

Joel Rothman

Played with:

Clark Terry, Kenny Wheeler, Joe Lovano, Danilo Pérez, Rick Margitza, Conrad Herwig, Leo Wright, Renato Chicco, Fareed Haque, Walt Weiskopf, Ralph Lalama, Walter Norris, Marc Copland, Herb Geller, Barbara Dennerlein, Santi Debriano, Jim Snidero, Bireli Lagrene, etc.

For more information, contact me at: alexsanguinetti@yahoo.com

JUDGE at "Hit Like A Girl" 2017 Drum Contest

Telephone: + 34 660845963

Email: alexsanguinetti@yahoo.com

Modern Drummer Magazine, USA, September 1989

LINK TO COMMENT: https://www.drummerworld.com/forums/index.php?threads/looking-for-a-skype-coach.133313/#post-1456871

Article from "Crescendo" Jazz Magazine, London, UK, 1980

Comment about the ONLINE DRUM LESSONS

Playing at Drummers Meeting Koblenz, Germany 1986 - "Drums and Percussion" Magazine, Germany